Use of technology in classrooms: advantages and disadvantages

November 29, 2021

The use of technology in classrooms is certainly controversial.

On the one hand, there are people who are extremely favorable, considering that its use is essential in today’s world. On the other, we find increasingly high rates of anxiety in the young population, often motivated by the excess and misuse of technology.

Taking both alternatives into account, which solution is more appropriate? We review this important issue on the Santa Clara International School blog.

Use of technology in classrooms: yes or no?

The truth is that denying the use of technology in classrooms, a priori, seems a mistake.

And it is inevitable to consider that we live in a world connected to technology. We depend on it for everything and, today, it is absolutely essential. Without it, we would not be able to carry out practically any essential activities.

In this sense, it is coherent to recommend that students learn to interact with her in a safe, educational and controlled environment. Thus, it is possible that they discover their potential, without falling into abuse.

And what is fair use?

The correct use of technology in the classroom will be that which is at the service of the student, and not the other way around. We are talking about helping the student to train, learn, discover … but never use incompatible with learning.

Examples of the disadvantages that the abuse of technology brings would be getting lost with instant messaging, the stress of being always connected, or bulling through the network.

In that sense, the key is to trust the teaching criteria. The person who is prepared to train minors knows how to really take advantage of technology.

Should we aspire to train without technology?

The truth is that, in some areas, analog is still interesting. Calculating, writing, or reading are skills best practiced by stimulating the correct brain areas. Technology prevents this development, so it is not always beneficial.

Consider, for example, not having the ability to do simple calculations, to write a note or read a book. There are key skills and capabilities for development that we cannot (and should not) give up.

In that sense, you have to train by betting on technology when it really adds up, and not make use of technology in classrooms just because.

Using technology in classrooms: opening the doors to cutting-edge training

If we think about this appropriate use of technology, we will realize that it adds and trains the student in digital skills. It gives you basic skills in today’s world, such as searching for information or solving problems thanks to the Internet.

In addition, it is also a tool to enjoy as a family, connecting parents and teachers, and reducing the distance between school and family. Strengthening ties is key, and technology can help with that. However, we should never convert it into a vehicle that we use because that seems the most modern.

In short, there is no correct answer and virtue, as they say, is in the middle. Proper and reasonable use is the way.

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