Study at an International School in Barcelona: what are the advantages?

You can opt for a cutting-edge education for your children in an international school in Barcelona such as the prestigious institution Santa Clara International School , which in 50 years has promoted excellence in its students and graduates.

Focusing on educational options with the highest standards in the world, Barcelona offers you the alternative of bilingual international schools.

Discover what advantages an education with an international profile promises to develop the professional and cultural potential of your children.

Study at an international school in Barcelona and obtain a cutting-edge education for your children

Studies in an international school broaden the vision of its students and graduates in any professional field, either in correspondence with access to more culturally rich educational spaces coupled with other advantages such as languages.

Opting for an international school in Barcelona is a bet on the future success of your loved ones, know the benefits that your children can obtain from an education in international schools:

Acquire bilingual skills

Learning two or more languages ​​from basic levels, is a tool that will enhance the professional skills of students both in their native language and in a foreign language.

All this while he receives his usual classes in traditional subjects, so achieving fluency in other languages ​​will be guaranteed.

Appreciate multiculturalism

Having the opportunity to study in a school that integrates Spanish culture with foreign cultures will give students the opportunity to perceive the different ways in which people live in the world.

Recognizing the importance of interculturality in this globalized world is a quality that you would like for your child, given the opportunity to develop professionally in different countries.

Better qualities

Learning two or more languages ​​from an early age enhances students’ cognitive abilities.

Having more linguistic resources to express their ideas and opinions, improving their capacity for concentration, understanding, attention and processing of simultaneous tasks .

Greater opportunities and options for insertion in the labor market

Being fluent in foreign languages ​​is one of the most demanded skills in the labor market. This being crucial to be inserted with resounding success in jobs in your country as well as in foreign countries.

Therefore, if your projection is to give your children the opportunity to achieve optimal jobs abroad , international schools will pave the way for you. These institutions offer the opportunity to carry out quality studies, in an innovative way and with other perspectives of the world.

Being educated at an international school in Barcelona means having the opportunity to cultivate relationships with individuals from multiple countries who study or teach in those spaces.

The objective of Santa Clara International School is focused on providing in a personalized way, all the tools for its students to be able to enhance their cognitive development with a global perspective.

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