Activities for a rainy day in Barcelona

April 4, 2018

Don’t let spring showers spoil your family’s fun. Keep busy with Barcelona’s range of indoor activities guaranteed to make a rainy day go away.


Open seven days a week, the indoor trampoline park in Sant Martí is a great way to entertain the whole family when the weather turns bad. Salting CET10 Barcelona has 33 horizontal and 18 vertical jumping beds to bounce and tumble as long as you like. It also offers trampoline basketball; Salting AirDance, a workout class to music; and Acrobacia, where you can learn to cartwheel and flip like a pro. Prices start from €4.


Take shelter from the storm and duck into some of Barcelona’s best museums with Articket’s Barcelona Museum Pass. Enter the universes of the most influential artists of the 20th century, inspect the world’s finest collection of Romanesque mural paintings and make your own conclusions about the most contemporary art of today. For €30, you get access to the Fundació Joan Miró, Museu Picasso, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the MACBA, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and the Fundaciò Antoni Tàpies. The 12-month museum pass includes a savings of 45 percent on admission prices, free entry for children under 16 and even allows you to skip the rainy day queues.


Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring. Take advantage of the rare occasions when the sun isn’t shining in Barcelona and learn about Catalunya’s rich culinary heritage at one of the city’s cookery classes. Barcelona Cooking offers family-friendly, three to four-hour sessions taught in English, in which you can master the art of the tapa. An optional tour of La Boqueria can be added to any class. Prices start at €65 for adults and €32.50 for children. For more kid-oriented classes, Cookiteca has a range of classes for 6 to 12-year-olds. Courses include masterclasses in both sweet and savoury dishes, and two-hour family workshops (€45 for one adult and one child).


Power through the grey days with one of Spain’s most popular racquet sports: padel. Combining the rules and techniques of squash, tennis and ping pong, padel is typically played in doubles on a court roughly a third of the size of a tennis court. The sport is rapidly beginning to spread across Europe and other continents, with the World Padel Tour (WTP) already internationally recognised. Indoor Padel Barcelona offers lessons for all ages and abilities, and allows you to rent one of its five indoor courts for as little as €5 per player.


Put your brain to the test and see if your family has what it takes to escape from a locked room in under 60 minutes. At Barcelocked in the Born, George Orwell’s study is brought to life and you must find a way to escape with the original plans for the Sagrada Família. For a bigger variety of scenarios, Chicken Banana in Sant Antoni boasts three different rooms, in which players must either escape from an asylum, a prison or a private detective’s office. Prices start from €14 and €17 respectively.


Why not wait out the wet weather with some crafty fun. Located in the Eixample, Arte Bar hosts step-by-step paint classes (€30 a person). They include a friendly, multilingual instructor, snacks and at the end of the night, everyone can take their canvases home. Who’s the best with a brush in your family? Alternatively, you and the kids can follow in Gaudí’s footsteps at Mosaiccos, where owner Angelika Heinbach will help you create your own mosaic masterpieces. The adult beginners class introduces participants to the history of trencadís and different methods for cutting the tiles, and children’s classes are also available, starting from €20.

These indoor activities for a rainy day in Barcelona will ensure that dreary weather never dampens your spirit. And when the sun breaks through the clouds, it’s time to get back to nature in Catalunya!

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