Personalized teaching: discover the SCIS pedagogy

Personalized teaching is one of the keys to the work we do in our school.

And, for the Santa Clara International School team, individuality is essential in the teaching and learning processes. We believe that education cannot be generalist, but function as a tailored suit for students.

Our goal is that training allows them to develop as individuals within the community. That requires a lot of work, yes, but we understand that this pedagogy, this way of understanding education, makes a difference.

What is personalized teaching based on?

When we talk about personalized teaching, we refer to meeting the needs of minors to the millimeter. It is about understanding that each person has their characteristics, and we cannot apply the same rhythms and principles to everyone.

For this reason, at our international school in Barcelona, we dedicate enormous resources to getting to know the students well. We want to deepen their capacities, characteristics and ways of learning, so that we can offer a didactic response adapted to them.

This allows us to place our training among the most prestigious in the world. Because we make an effort to reach perfection for each student, completely adapting the training to what they need.

In this way, we improve the results and make the process pleasant, useful and valuable for the student. Without a doubt, that is the greatest satisfaction of our work.

Learning to learn

Another of the principles under which we protect our work is to learn to learn. This means that the student is the protagonist of the training: he places himself at the center, and develops his own ability to learn in a meaningful way.

It is useless if we focus on the student storing information without criteria. We want the students in our school to be critical thinking people. Able to develop their own ideas, explore and advance knowledge.

This refers to creating a context where it is possible to learn. We do not give everything done, nor do we seek to make things too easy or too difficult. What we want is that the student wants to develop knowledge of her as a human being. In short: learn to learn.

Personalized teaching and international education

The personalized instruction we offer at our school is enriched by the diversity of our students.

Given the international profile of our school, it is attended by students from all over the world. Together you can embark on a journey to quality knowledge and learning. We seek that they contribute things to each other, and that they enjoy the process, respecting their differences and adding to their education.

For that, it is necessary to know each student very well. Our teaching team stops with each case, and we try to offer tailor-made training. In that sense, we believe that the result speaks for itself, and it is worth it.

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