Personalized Education

The feature that differentiates us from other schools is personalized education with small class size. We offer a global and international education but with a personalized approach. Our groups are a maximum of 10 students per class. This allows teachers to identify the weaknesses and the strengths  of each student and to double down on their strengths. In this way, the student gains more confidence, security and self-esteem.

Our goal is to develop and uncover the talent of each of them. We can do it with small groups. In these classes, students ask a lot of questions. These classes are very dynamic where students contribute and participate the whole time.

Not all children succeed with a one-size-fits-all-education experience.

Santa Clara-38

Students gain more confidence, security, and self-steem.


Students always participate in class.


Teachers develop and uncover the talent of each student.

We believe each student has magnificent potential, so our educational model is based around cultivating each student’s unique talents and purpose.

Our team of talented educators are in charge of addressing the needs and passions of each and one of our students.

We encourage everyone in our school to explore the world with all its challenges and its opportunities, also to work in teams and to learn the importance of collaboration.

Our students are known well and receive thoughtful guidance in the growth and development to ensure academic success and personal growth.

We see how our students lives are changed for the better by pursuing in great depth something they love, achieving a level of excellence in anything introduces them to a number of lessons far beyond the subject matter itself. They develop good habits of self-organization, self-motivation, creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving.

At Santa Clara, we have a holistic approach to education which is not only based in the academics, but also in emotional education and the development of global values of the individual.