Moving to Barcelona as a family

July 2, 2021

Changes always generate expectations for those who take on the challenge, and moving to Barcelona as a family is one of those great changes, but when you take it up with all your integrity, you will not regret it.

Even more so if you decide to enroll your children in an International School with all the prestige and quality that Santa Clara International School has.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that captivates locals and strangers with its Mediterranean air. It is within the top rankings of the best European cities for its tourist attraction. This city offers plenty of opportunities!

You may have doubts, of course. Even so, one of the things we can assure you is that your status and lifestyle will not be affected. If not, on the contrary: you will have access to greater cultural richness and many more opportunities to grow personally and professionally!

Moving to Barcelona as a family: an amazing journey to growth!

When you decide to move to Barcelona as a family, this directly affects decision-making, which implies knowing in detail various aspects that that city can offer you. Even more so if your idea is to maintain or improve your social and professional status and offer a good education to your children.

Barcelona is a city with an enviable climate that will allow you to enjoy its outdoor spaces, such as the beach, for most of the year. Few cities of this size have a well-established coastline like Barcelona, ​​with a developed tourist facility that not only focuses on the beach, but also takes advantage of the city’s museums and historical sites.

Its multiple economic opportunities, beneficial for your professional life: sports, cultural and leisure spaces are not far behind in Barcelona’s urban proposal. All of them have been adapted to international biosafety standards to combat the pandemic.

Why Barcelona?

The health system comprises a whole network of easily accessible primary care centers. In addition to that, it has hospitals evaluated internationally and valued for their excellence in medical service , including Hospital Vall d ‘ Hebron. When moving to Barcelona as a family, you will also have mobility and public transport as a plus, which covers the entire city with efficiency and safety.

As for housing, the neighborhoods where you can live are well located , with quality basic services. Within the list of the most exclusive neighborhoods, are Sarriá – Sant Gervasi which gives entrance to the homonymous natural park or Pedralbes in which the best and most prestigious international schools are located.

Moving to Barcelona as a family can be the best experience, especially if you have as a study option for your children the prestigious institution Santa Clara International School.

Its objective is to offer a comprehensive and international education with a personalized approach, in addition to promoting autonomy in the learning of its students, inserting them more easily into today’s global world.

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