International school in Barcelona: how to choose the best

If you are going to live in Barcelona or you will settle for job reasons and you have a family, you may still have some things to solve, for example, choosing the best international school in Barcelona.

Santa Clara International School has all the experience in multilingual education, professional and quality that a school with more than 50 years in the city can offer you.

Not only our long time in Barcelona provides us with the credibility that this school has to offer its students, but also the experience and professionalism that its graduates demonstrate in any work space where they are. That is why if you are still in that search, do not hesitate to take into account our institution, one of the most prestigious in this innovative city.

Choosing the best international school in Barcelona: key factors to take into account

Santa Clara International School has one of the highest standards when it comes to international education. With classrooms with a maximum of 10 students, its method differs from other institutes by offering a personalized education focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each student .

The goal is to individually maximize the abilities of each student, in addition to focusing on their tastes, ideas, and creativity. In this way to be able to build a more critical, unique, global thinking that takes into account both its changing and diverse environment and the multiple cultures that surround it.

Choosing the best international school in Barcelona can be simple if you take into account these characteristics that define the professional staff that is part of the institution.

We stand out for having qualities that will make education an enriching learning moment, attractive for the student and totally innovative. The characteristics that we highlight of these tireless professionals are:

Achievements and attitudes demonstrated by Santa Clara’s teachers:

  • They demonstrate a proactive attitude at all times.
  • Creative, flexible and positive-attitude professionals.
  • Include their students in active, critical and analytical learning .

Passion for the teaching – learning process:

  • Encourage their students to work as a team, with fluid communication and in a collaborative way.
  • Recognize and value the uniqueness of each student.
  • Promote an environment protected and affectionate, appropriate for the assessment of responsibility, creativity and resilience.

Our students have the opportunity to learn in an international environment, of complementarity and collaboration, that respects the multiple cultural expressions of the planet. All this through the multilingual study so necessary in this global and interconnected world of today and of the future.

We know that choosing the best international school in Barcelona can be a task that requires having multiple details in mind. It is no wonder because it refers to the education that will guide the future life of your children.

For this reason, it only remains for us to remind you that Santa Clara International School has its doors open in order to meet the most demanding expectations that anyone who has the highest standards in educational quality.

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