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Santa Clara International School started its teaching vocation in 1968. The founders had the vision of considering the English language an essential tool in the students’  education. From that time, we have created our own programmes in which creativity is of the utmost importance in the learning process. 

Nowadays, the third generation is engaged in an educational project that has the same innovative spirit as that of the early days. Our founders’ emphasis on challenging the status quo, commitment to small classes, inspiring teachers and highly individualized instruction are values we hold dear today.

This leads our students to a social, emotional and academic growth, supported by parents and teachers in order to achieve future success. Our students have a passion for learning, eager to know about anything new they come across. Our task is not an easy one and it takes great talent and commitment from teachers, parents and management. Our experience shows that we can realise all the dreams we have on our mind.

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We’ve graduated generations of alumni empowered to forge their own path. And our students learn to respect and consider the viewpoints of others as they work through complex problems today just as they have for more than 50 years. That desire for different thoughts and opinions has steadily grown the diversity of our campus over the decades, giving our students the ability to form meaningful relationships across stereotypical, socio-economic and global divides.

While we are proud of the history that we’ve built together, we challenge ourselves to be better tomorrow than we are today, and are constantly looking for ways to further serve our students and community. Santa Clara will continue to adjust to fully prepare our graduates for college and for life in a global environment, but our consistent core values will continue to guide us into the future just as they have for the past 50 years.

Our school has an incredible history. It’s long been a place that helps students find their passion in an environment of not only tolerance and empathy but of true community support.


International School Barcelona - Beginning of the school

Beginning of the school for children and primary school on 23 Iradier Street, teaching English classes with native teachers.


Start of the Baccalaureate school on Pomaret Street 17-19


International School Barcelona - First school trip to the UK

First school trip to the United Kingdom.


Santa Clara I.S. is elected a member of the International Baccalaureate and the Association of International Schools (Geneva)


Santa Clara is recognized as an examining center of the Trinity College of London


International School Barcelona - 25th anniversary

Santa Clara celebrates  25 years of its foundation with the assistance of more than 300 directors of international schools.


Santa Clara Barcelona International School

Participation in programs for high ability students by Professor Julian Stanley of John Hopkins University


Recognition of our own linguistic project by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Collaboration with the department of didactic of the social sciences of the University of Barcelona and teacher training of the IUFM (University of Grenoble)


The Finnish project begins after the first trip to Helsinki by our teachers.


Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the school with the assistance of its alumni.

Thank you for your interest in employment at Santa Clara International School. Teaching, administrative and staff positions will be posted here as they become available. Please follow the directions in the position description to apply.

General inquiries can be sent to santaclara@santaclaraic.com.


Candidates for faculty positions should send a cover letter and résumé to:

Mr Victor Cantos

Dean of Faculty

Pomaret 17-19


00 34 93 212 35 93


Characteristics of Professional Excellence

A Santa Clara professional…

Demonstrates a passion for education by:

  • Having a positive professional attitude
  • Seeking professional development opportunities
  • Being creative and flexible
  • Engaging students in active learning
  • Managing time and classroom effectively


Demonstrates a passion for students by:

  • Recognizing and responding to the academic and social-emotional needs of children and their parents
  • Appreciating the uniqueness of every child
  • Providing a safe and caring environment with appropriate boundaries and consequences to promote the development of resourcefulness, responsibility, and resilience
  • Encouraging children to maximize their potential


Demonstrates a passion for community by:

  • Fostering a sense of belonging to the community
  • Showing compassion to parents, students and colleagues
  • Appreciating the gifts of others
  • Working as a team through open communication and collaboration
  • Celebrating the successes of others


Summer at Santa Clara School and English Kinder Barcelona offers fun educational experiences for preschool through high school-ages students.

Programs are held by experienced faculty and staff who are passionate about summer learning and fun!

Come and join us in July, and enjoy a daily combination of languages, physical activity, water sports, arts and crafts projects, and specialised classes designed to keep everyone’s bodies and minds engaged.

Send us an e-mail at secretaria@santaclaraic.com for more information.

We are excited to welcome all of you!