Mission of Santa Clara International School Barcelona: Love of learning



Our Aim

Our goal is to create a stimulating environment in which every student can develop their academic and personal potential. We have great expectations and we are committed to achieve every student’s academic and personal success.


Our Objective

We seek to inspire the love for learning, developing the individual talent inside and outside the classroom in an atmosphere in which freedom of thought flourishes.



Our Difference

In Santa Clara International School, we keep in mind that we are educating a unique human being who has the right to be educated in a singular way.


We prepare students for the Trinity College and Cambridge examinations. We also offer the opportunity to learn French, German and Chinese.


We make sure that our students adopt a series of social values to achieve complete personal success.



We assure that our students make the most of their potential and develop their talent in a creative way. We taylor our teaching by means of different programmes in an individualized educational process.


Dynamism, enthusiasm and cooperation are our basic characteristics, stimulating group work.