High School
(Baccalaurate 1- Baccalaurate 2)

University Entry Exams

We prepare our students to achieve the highest score in university entry exams.

The University of Your Choice

Students focus on getting accepted into the university of their choice.

Abroad or Local Universities

Access to local and abroad universities.

At Santa Clara International School, we follow the  Spanish international curriculum with multilingualism. In High School, students focus on getting into a good university.. 

In first of Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) we prepare our students to achieve the best score in the PAAU exam, which is the entrance exam to the university. This exam will allow students to study at university not only in Spain, but also abroad. That is why 33% of the classes are taught in Spanish, Catalan, and in English.

Students have the opportunity to choose a technical-scientist, social, or a humanistic Baccalaureate.

Sports have an important role in this stage as well because daily practice allows our students to increase their focus in class, academic performance and to recharge.