(Primary 1- Primary 6)

Enhancing their curiosity to fuel their learning

We maintain and increase the student’s curiosity to learn in a fun way.

Learning and Stimulating Environment:

Students develop the strong skills, social confidence, intelligence and motivation that will lead them to success.

Ability to Adapt

The learning experience is inside and outside the school.

In Primary School, we work on abilities that optimize the learning process, creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving. This stage is fundamental, that is why our goal is to maintain and increase the student’s curiosity to learn, but in a fun way. They enjoy learning in Santa Clara International School!

Everything that children learn in Santa Clara International School is with a purpose. They are not aware that they are learning, for instance, mathematics. Our students just enjoy applying day by day all the concepts that they have learnt from our passionate teachers. Students experiment the purpose for learning a specific subject because they constantly apply knowledge through games, experiments, and projects. In this case, we work on Finnish Maths, applied to everyday life.

In our European Programme,  students live for a few days outside Spain enriching their curriculum, learning and enjoying the experience with their classmates.