Digital transformation in Barcelona schools

July 16, 2021

Digital transformation in schools, despite being something that was expected to come, has undoubtedly forced many to rush due to the contingency caused by the pandemic. Although at first it was thought that it would be something momentary, perhaps it has come to stay due to the series of benefits it has brought with it.

COVID 19 transformed the way things were done since its arrival. This goes from everyday life to the way classes are taught.

At Santa Clara International School we know that changes are not easy. However, they become more bearable when it means an important improvement to the educational system. If you want to know more, keep reading!

The digital transformation in schools is here to stay

Amid the current context, digital transformation in schools has been the most effective solution to continue teaching quality classes while improving the traditional educational system.

This is because the digital environment facilitates the application of new methods designed for teachers to teach and students to learn much more efficiently.

Likewise, the evaluation system based on memorization is left behind. There is now an incentive to improve the critical and reflective capacity of students.

This is because the digital transformation in schools changes the old paradigm of establishing patterns in education applying the same dynamic for all.

Instead, it is committed to teaching and learning methodologies based on the personalization of the content to be taught, working on individualized training and promoting the development of new skills.

In this way, students are expected to develop creativity and reflection while discovering their strongest points so that they can focus on them.

Benefits of digital transformation in schools

Certainly, digital transformation in schools is a challenge both for students and teachers.

However, if you learn how to take full advantage of all the possibilities provided by the online space, the process is very satisfactory.

Among the main advantages of digital transformation in the educational environment we find that it:

  • Facilitates access to better learning systems and materials.
  • Develops creativity.
  • Promotes self-reliance.
  • Initiates reflection on instead of memorization.
  • Allows learning through real-life cases.

Not only COVID 19 has promoted digital transformation in schools: society evolves, too. So being in constant change and learning is almost mandatory. The digital environment facilitates new platforms to debate, generate conversation and expand knowledge, the same skills that are sought to be developed in the classroom.

At Santa Clara International School we focus on offering students the necessary tools in order to learn through development of skills, transforming the educational space in order to enhance creativity through teaching.

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