From the first moment we entered Santa Clara IS, we found in their young and prepared directors, Isabel and Alex, just what we wanted and needed: we felt accompanied, understood, sheltered and relaxed … we felt that everything would be fine, that we share the same criteria and values ​​and that the philosophy of the College was just what we were looking for our two children. It is a very difficult school to find because there is a good level of English with native teachers as well as Spanish and Catalan but they also attach great importance to the values ​​that identify us as companionship, empathy, respect, ecology and conservation of the environment, physical activity , yoga and mindfulness. They incorporate innovative learning strategies and combine it with the traditional which is a sure value in a society that needs a new multicultural generation, with an open mind to the world, with imagination and creativity and with a sense of respect for others and love of neighbor. They are formed for the world of the future without neglecting the essence of the human being. We are a family where we all know each other, parents contribute and actively collaborate in the education of our children and they go happy to school and learn things that often surprise us, they have a good level of general culture at their young age, love for art, music and a lot of emphasis on mathematics. We found in SCIS, a place where they valued our children from the first day they met them, they know how to get the best out of each child with their model of personalized education and understanding that each child is unique and different, has its own rhythm and its own qualities and all can be talented and successful if they are treated appropriately, without labels, without limitation, with love and patience that is what the current educational model needs. We are delighted with our decision and we recommend this school to any parent who seeks to bring out the best in their child, and make him or her a better person capable of undertaking a great project to improve the world in which we live. We trust Santa Clara, as much as they trust us.
R. Jimenez
Santa Clara International School, under the careful supervision of its directive team, works to maximise the potential of each student. What makes this school special is not only the limited number of students per class but also its way of looking at education: If the student is not doing his/her best, the School is doing something wrong. The objective of the school is to help the students develop an inner motivation to learn and to do better. With my son they are succeeding.
P. Garcia Duran​

We are absolutely delighted with Santa Clara International school.  Small groups, personal attention paired with the objective to maximize individual potential of students by positive motivation has been doing wonders for our son. He has been at different international schools and spent a couple of years abroad. He is now is his second and final year at Santa Clara and preparing for “Baccalaureate & Selectividad” with * excellent * prospect to finish with great marks.  All staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm, it’s really like a large family and because of the size everybody knows everybody else. From day one in Santa Clara, my son had it really clear that he is going to school to learn, the school and staff picked that up and motivated him to study as we have not witnessed before. Kudos for the school, leadership team and staff.

A. Smit​

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your child’s admission to Santa Clara International School. We’re committed to nurturing each child’s intellectual growth, creative expression, athletic accomplishments and ethical development. Admission inquiries are welcome at any time.

The first step in our admission process begins  by clicking on the link below and sending us an enquiry. We will contact you to set up an interview either online  or offline. Our Director of Admissions will guide you through the enrollment process.

We follow a rolling admission process based on space available.

Please send us an enquiry at or call Miss Olga, Director of Admissions, at +34932123593 for more information.

Please feel free to provide us with the enrollment documentation at Should you have any questions, you can call our Director of Admissions, Miss Olga.


Director of Admissions,

+34 93 212 35 93​

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Santa Clara International School is a private/independent, Preschool, Primary, Secondary, and High School. We provide an innovative college preparatory curriculum in a student-centered, globally diverse and joyful community. Santa Clara embraces diversity, and annually, we have at least 30 different countries represented in our student body.

We welcome international students to apply for admission to Santa Clara and have additional Language classes and tutoring for every grade level.

All of our international students benefit from participation in our Spanish Language program to build proficiency for success in the classroom.

To learn more about Santa Clara admission, please visit our admissions website and review the application steps.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or +34 93 212 35 93