5 great activity ideas to do with your kids this summer in Barcelona

June 25, 2021

Summer is coming and with it the holidays, that moment long awaited by the whole family that requires activity ideas. Enough of screens and video games; the sky is blue and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

However, the best thing is that these activities leave more than just entertainment, in addition to being safe and pleasant enough for the little ones in the house. As a parent, this can get tricky as not all activities are suitable for all family members.

But for this reason, in Santa Clara International School we have made a list of 5 summer activities to do with children , where they will spend an unforgettable moment, family time will be enjoyed and you will be calm.

1. Bike along the Camí de la Bunyola, in Prat de Llobregat

Without hesitation, one of the best plans to do with the kids. It is a very enjoyable tour to do as a family, enjoying physical activities such as walking or cycling while enjoying the path and the landscape.

It is a friendly walk where you will find children’s games, fountains and places to have a picnic. It also has different stops, in one of them you can see how the airplanes enter and leave the airport.

The final point is the Prat beach, where you can take a dip or enjoy the sound of the waves of the sea.

2. Visit the Camins de Bosc forest

A summer activity to do with children that cannot be missed on the holiday itinerary is to go on an excursion in the Camis de Bosc picnic area located in the Guilleries area in Sant Hilari Sacalm.

It is a private area of ​​two hectares where you can take 3 guided walks, or enjoy a barbecue in the picnic area . It is a totally perfect place for families with children.

3. Circo Tot Circ in les Feixes

If your little ones are lovers of the arts and the circus, you cannot stop doing this summer activity with your children. It is one of the greatest activity ideas!

In addition to being able to enjoy the circus show, they will be able to participate in the workshops where young and old become the protagonists, a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

4. Costa Brava Parc Aventura in Pals

This is undoubtedly a summer activity to do with children, especially if they are a little older and more adventurous, we assure you that both they and you will have a great time.

Yes, we know that your first concern is security, but you can rest assured that they have all the corresponding security measures for each section of the park. The most exciting thing is the feeling of victory that it leaves in each boy and girl when they see that they can overcome each of the obstacles and challenges.

5. Visit to the Toll Cave, in Moia

To end this list of summer activities to do with children we have a visit to the Cueva del Toll. It is a unique experience for both children and adults, who will be able to discover the majestic landscape while they learn how our ancestors lived.

At Santa Clara International School we know that the best way to learn is through play and fun, that’s why Activities are ideal for your children to continue strengthening their knowledge and skills while having fun. Enjoy these activity ideas!!

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