Painting for Italy | Santa Clara

Painting for Italy

Painting for Italy

The students of Santa Clara International School held a charity exhibition at the Casa degli Italiani in Barcelona on December 14th to raise money for earthquake victims in Italy. Nine-year-old student Pieter Schreuder led the initiative, encouraging his peers to join him in creating different works of art, to be sold for one night only in an effort to help families like theirs who are still seeking stability after the tragedy.

At the event, Pieter’s father looked around and said, “This place is crowded with people that are even prouder than I am”.

By the end of the night, the students had raised around 2,000, which was directly transferred to Caritas Italiana, an organisation founded in 1971, to answer the call of Pope Paul VI to promote charity by raising public awareness of international crises. One of our students put it simply: “I’m really happy to have been able to help the Italians”, and we all feel the same.